Although both the American League championship team

Although both the American League championship team, but the Angels swept the upper hand no doubt. In fact, this series defending champion Los Angeles Angels to get a great deal of power. Boston Red Sox appeared in four turnovers, had three times in the sixth. Red Sox's eight-match winning streak on the team victory in one of the oldest, and in 1961 and 1962 tied for the eight game winning streak. Wednesday, Red Sox Josh Beckett would be good to send the mound, but not useful. Angel still has two Bureau of harvest - the fourth game 3, the sixth five minutes, almost destroyed the Red Sox defense. Messersmith. recorded in the fourth with a base hit start, then. Gerui Luo a RBI hit. Next, Tory. Hunter's base hit, Anderson made the score became 3:0. Anderson gotta play again in the sixth. His hits over the right field to send Gaussian Paul to score lead to 4 points. After Beckett was replaced. Mark Takesila no achievements in the game. mlb jerseys