Laid-back Life Behind the Pale - Hockney and "Peter Got up from the Pool."

Screen, the man's attitude still seems to imply that he reluctantly waves rippling pool, water, a road bending to clear the ripples and waves of light moving shadow solidified into permanent traces. Thus, there is a picture to show restraint on feeling fine lines and forcing the audience summed up the mood of the color obtained in this calm. Fluctuations in this screen does not suddenly thought of in this world of noise and confusion is simply not rational realm of search. Relaxed in the pool that the man behind perhaps the pale of life. This is the "Peter got up from the pool," the theme to be shown.
Hockney is a long time with a sense of rebellion and the pursuit of innovative artists, he then entered the London College of Art when it creates a longing for modern art. His memoir, wrote: "I arrived at London College of Art in after the start I know here there are two different student groups: a traditional, follow the path of academic painting still lifes, portraits and the human body structure: the other is my opinion, more full of excited SD dynamic group of students who pursue the art of the times, often in hard-board painting large abstract expressionist paintings. "Soon, he entered the art of abstract expressionist experiments But he found that the art of boring. It should be said, this is his art and period of rapid growth both physical and mental, is gradually formed an important stage of personal style. As the figurative painting of the "anti-modern", and he began to letters and words embedded in their work, such an approach will undoubtedly enhance the image of the human effect, therefore, distinctive paintings soon brought him reputation. When he visited the United States New York, the freedom of American society that he was shocked, he was decisive, in New York, bleached his hair and began a whole new outlook on European and American painting.
Hockney is Britain since World War II's most influential and well-known artists, many of his works of art have been widely acknowledged. It is said that his success so fast, and he left the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the economic foothold, he had this record: "The arrival of this strange city within a week, do not know anyone, I passed the , the driving test, buy a car, drove to Las Vegas to win some money for my own set up an art studio, painting is started, all of which have taken place within this week! really mind-boggling. "From this passage we can recognize that the U.S. way of life and urban landscape into Hockney's most important works of art subjects.