Rossetti and "Daydream"

"Daydream" is the painter Miss Rossetti to a model created, expressing the artist's wife had it and remember the endless thoughts.
This piece depicts a large tree in a dense, a beautiful young woman wearing a green dress sitting quietly under the trees, slender neck and slightly plump and sexy mouth is, and a sad look and 'haggard eyes, adds to the whole picture of a touch of sadness. Was later called "Rossetti-style beauty." We return to the screen, simply from the surrounding environment can be seen, this is an afternoon garden, and the dazed-looking young woman with a sad, a book placed the head right knee, left hand holding a Rose, the beautiful flower petals have dropped and even dying, that she has been sitting here a long time, maybe a pipe dream is doing, she may also have been sat down. All the associations from the screen depicted in works of the title, seems to be a day dream and never wake up in this feeling. Despite the bright blooming plant on the screen, but it adds a sense of confusion, the audience confused and I do not know the play of the same special.