Manet's Use of Color is not in Favor of the Impressionist Color Theory

Manet's use of color is not in favor of the Impressionist color theory, and the exclusion of black in different impressionist Manet is a very good use of black. It is like the timpani in the orchestra, so loud and eye-catching color throughout the screen but what they want. In the portrait of Valens, the black dress is to play this role. In 1812, Manet's studio in Batiyueer Street, young artists aspire to become and meeting place. Later became a member of Impressionism Monet, Degas, Renoir and others, often in meetings, Manet became the leader of their choice.
The creation of Manet in his later years, causing more controversy, constantly being criticized by conservatives. But still has many advocates, including the then Minister of Arts, in 1882 he received the "Medal of Honor group."
Early 1883, has been plagued by paralysis and finally bedridden Manet, April, Manet died in Paris, was buried in the Passy cemetery.