North Korea to the United States Pure Landscape Painting Masterpiece Collection

As the largest art integrated portal, has been dedicated to the Korean art of promotion and sales, Beijing Art Network Po-Po Bo mall has never been a lack of the classic masters, I think the Korean domestic Tibetan painting Friends no longer a stranger, Korean and Russian painting oil painting oil painting Korean fusion product, which was filled with intense realism style, fresh and simple, beautiful picture, not only Korean painting collection on a bright future in the ability of home decoration is not to be underestimated, In the present beauty of the community, different people may require standards for the United States are not the same, the Korean-style rustic home decoration oil painting is a dark horse, being more and more attention.
Oil paintings porcelain miscellaneous jade artists online making money North Korea is a mineral-rich treasure house of art, Korean painting is one of the glittering gold piece with the Korean artist Yoo Kwon Chul-creation of landscape painting, "evening" is currently collected in Bo Baby Jane Mall, Liu rights philosophy is is considered promising painter, he graduated from the Pyongyang University of Fine Arts, his work has many times in Beijing, Malaysia and other countries for exhibition, the representative of the "tapestry girl" "baitoushan Tianchi Lake", "carp out of water falls," "Winter's Night" and so on. "Evening" painting with a focus on light and shadow intertwined with, continue on past warm color tones, three-dimensional way of composition presents beautiful sunset scenery in front of us, is a collection of the best.
Oil painting artists, ceramic hybrid Jade making money online is baitoushan Tianchi Tianchi we often say, is the boundary between China and North Korea Lake Tianchi is also the source of the Songhua River, baitoushan Tianchi is made of water crater lakes, So called because of its high altitude Tianchi. Korean painter Ren Mingji true representation of the beauty of artistic conception baitoushan Tianchi, Hyperion over two thousand meters in height baitoushan Tianchi clear water like the girl's eyes as bright, Ren Mingji fairy pen baitoushan Tianchi desirable.