How to Pick Oil Painting

It must match your upholstery.It must match your upholstery.famous oil paintings is one of the organism elements in upholstery design,it must match the style of the house.For instance,it will be unsuitable to hang on a modern abstract-painting in a traditional European style room.Bright and terse room is suitable to have a normal natural scene/flower or modern ploy painting.But for a sobriety and pomposity room,then should hang the realistically and traditional painting.For impressionism painting,it can put in many kinds of room for the benefit of colorful and good light effect.

 2.It must be contrast with Famous Paintings by Picasso the color tone of the room.It can func as ornament to light the room.If the tone of the room is bright,then you can choose color contrast oil-painting;if the room is warm and simple,you can have soft color oil-painting to match.The tone of the oil-painting should be contrast against the tone of the room,however it also concerns the furniture and other ornaments.Just pay attention to coordinate with the room when you are shopping paintings. A good oil-painting can develop your intension,promote your taste,pass your value;a good oil-painting can also add spice,conciliate atmosphere;a good oil-painting can make friends and post emotion? It definitely another story from landscape-painting in China which is limited with topics and modes.Oli-painting can reflect reality exactly or be abstract to express feelings.

Just for freedom soul Famous Paintings by Van Gogh which make it over countries and loved by whole world. When it comes to oil-painting,we will always think of Mona Lisa smile,Van gogh sunflower,Monet water lily,Picasso strange drawingsn more than 400 year history,uncountable famous masterpieces all call us for exploring,studying and imbibing? Oil-painting,shows it magnificence and dignity with its quality,thickness,color. And loved by people for it no change over hundreds?years! Many years ago,oil-painting was only a dream in common people,but now,with the development of oil-painting,especially China Da Fen town,make it possible to normal family.It a soul joy when you paint an oil painting for you baby,marriage,lover,gaffer,pet,house,car and so on.